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The product


V-Chiller is a small cooling device that provides, for the first time on the market, on-demand chilling for canned & Draft Beer beverages with minimal waiting time, energy consumption and environmental impact. V-Chiller uses a revolutionary rapid vacuum cooling method with a proprietary, new environmentally-friendly refrigerant.


Chill up to 4 drinks in just a minute!


Save 50% of your electricity bill!


First Eco-friendly fridge with Zero GWP & ODP emission!


The technology is based on the phenomenon of Evaporative cooling “Vacuum Cooling” as the vapor pressure on a liquid reduces, its boiling point reduces, by lowering the pressure on a liquid its boiling point reduces and start boiling until it reach equilibrium, for the liquid to boil, heat required for phase change comes from the body of the liquid itself and its surrounding hence the cooling effect.
vacuum cooling considered to be the most efficient RAPID cooling method


What is V-Chiller?

V-Chiller is a small cooling device that it can chill 4 Cans per minute and provides, for the first time on the market, on-demand chilling for canned beverages in One Minute! with minimal energy consumption and environmental impact. V-Chiller uses a revolutionary rapid vacuum cooling method with a proprietary, new environmentally-friendly refrigerant. 

Currently a working prototype is available.


What Problem V-Chiller is solving?

Have you been to a big or crowded event before and tried to get a cold drink just to find all drinks left are warm?

While this might be the problem in festivals, in usual groceries there is millions of beverage chillers worldwide working 24/7 to keep all drinks cold all the time so that whenever a customer buys a drink, it will be at the right serving temperature. Although a few drinks might be sold, the whole stock needs to be cold continuously. That leads to enormous energy consumption and generates businesses massive costs in electricity bills. What if we could just rapidly chill ONLY the beverage sold and leaves the rest at room temperature, consuming no electricity at all?

Our solution:

V-Chiller makes possible on-demand cooling of beverages, with minimal chilling time, energy consumption reduction and no environmental impact. V-Chiller is a small device working on the basis of regenerative, viable, rapid cooling method, based on the simple physical concept of vacuum cooling. V-Chiller can be used under almost all circumstances – from small or large shops/Events to private or on-the-road use, chilling beverage cans individually, on the spot, at the time of purchase/need. While it takes a normal chiller a few hours to cool a beverage can to desired temperature, V-Chiller can do it in less than a minute!

When can I buy V-Chiller?

Very Soon, Please register your interest and we will keep you updated.

How much does V-Chiller cost?

Please contact us for further details.

Can V-Chiller technology be used for more than just chilling beverages?

Yes we are currently working on developing an air conditioning unit that will be totally eco-friendly with huge energy efficiency, got it touch with us to know more.

Work With Us

Mechanical/Mechatronics Engineer

Main responsibilities

  • CAD design of the different components of the refrigeration cycle
  • Programing sensors and valves and PCB design
  • Building the physical parts and connect parts together
  • System Testing and analysis of the performance

CAD software (Solid Work or Inventor)
Mechatronics knowledge (PLC programming) Sensors integration and automation
Experience in prototyping or building physical parts
Basic understanding of heat exchange processes present in phase change cooling systems.

Good to know:
Knowledge of different types of refrigeration/Hvac.
Experience in maintaining or designing HVAC or refrigeration systems preferably in the commercial space.
Hands on experience in prototyping and building physical products preferably refrigerators.

Highly valuable:
A passion for prototyping and building new things.
Experience designing, assembling or maintaining adsorption refrigeration or vacuum systems.

Work on Cutting-Edge technologies
Flexible working hours and home office
Competitive Salary
Nice coworking space office in city center

Send us your CV + Motivation letter to info@vchiller.com

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